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natalierush48@… , 26 Nov 2011


You've heard of it before- right? The superbug- no big deal right- you never get infections. We've all been picking for so long that we've never seen the consequences. I've never gotten this infection before either. However it's very contagious in our society nowadays in fact, Amy Winehouse had it from skin picking because of her drug abuse a few years before her tragic death- rest in peace Amy- we all loved your music! My mother works in a hospital and constantly tells me how many cases she sees of it today. The only cure for it is a special type of iv (don't quote me on this- im no doctor) , that pretty much kills your liver. I'm am about to start accutane for the first time in a month and I know that I can't pick my skin on accutane because it leaves permenant scars. I'm not starting accutane to cure my picking I know that I will have to do that on my own and I just have this great feeling (I'm sure you know this feeling when you've failed so many times - and this is the time you feel you can beat it) thats how i feel right now! Anyways - Sorry- Getting off topic! Basically this form of strep infection is everywhere in society - it's on our bathroom counter, it's in subway's, you can pretty much find it anywhere and if I get this infection I will not ever be able to do Accutane because like I said the iv treatments pretty much kill your liver. If you think your are not a severe enough picker to get this infection or that you keep your open spots clean- think again! It has nothing to do with cleanliness- this shit is everywhere. Not one open spot is safe. I was watching a Youtube video about this lady's son in the hospital from this crap- he got it from popping a small zit on his chin. I was shocked that this young man got it because from the looks of the open wound on his chin - it didn't look bad at all compared to some of the small zits i've turned into deep gaping wounds. Throughout the whole video I was thinking- this isn't fair this guy isn't even a compulsive picker. He's just a teenage boy who popped a zit and now his whole life is turned up side down with constant visits to the hospital. Constantly having a needle pumping fluid into your arm. This just isn't fair. So consider this a warning- and it this post doesn't scare you into stopping- because for me this has been a long struggle and this is the only thing that really made me stop and revaluate what I am doing- i really don't know what will. Now when I look in the mirror and I see a whitehead coming up instead of asking myself can i get away with picking at this - I think I'm never going to have an open wound on my face again. So i'm just trying to heal my many open wound and hope they don't get infected with this shit. Here's the link to the Youtube video that changed my life (even though the struggle isn't over yet- but it definitely gave me perspectinve): You can also find a pic of Amy Winehouse's skin condition @
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December 08, 2011

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Hey! I'm in my early twenties and I too am a skin-picker. Unfortunately, I direct most of my picking at my face. I was always so worried about germs that I thought picking my skin was removing the infection... which is dumb I know. Anyhow I got MRSA from picking and it basically looked and felt like someone shot me in the arm. I had to go on tons of antibiotics that killed my stomach and removed a lot of the good bacteria from my gut. Therefore, I have never been the same since because I feel tired all the time. Also once you get MRSA it is very reoccurrent, so I had it two other times as well. It was the lowest point of my life, it was extremely painful, and it broke my mom's heart to see that I had to deal with it. It is now under control with being extremely sanitary and taking plenty of special vitamins, etc. However, if there was anything that would make you want to stop... This is a good reason trust me. I would do anything to warn someone to avoid this at all costs. People have dropped dead from this without even knowing that they had it. Also it lives in your nose... so never touch your nose without washing your hands afterwards. I honestly don't even like thinking about it... so please remember this when you begin to pick... also not picking at all would be best but at least keep everything clean... and I mean even clean the tweezers of after you pluck each hair when plucking your eyebrows. I'm thankful it's gone, but it really sucked. So don't do it! ahaha okay good luck!

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