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snowjewel , 28 Nov 2011

white things under scab/ in sore

Hi, I have these little white things in my skin and its ruining my skin. I am full of scars. I recently started eating what I pick to the digust of my 13 and 20 yrs old kids. I want to stop but these white things drive me crazy. I know when they are under my skin, they feel like slivers and I scratch till the skin breaks and I pull them out with nail clippers. It is like rubber, streches then when it plops out, there is a hole and it bleeds. If I leave them in the skin the sores do not heal for a long time. Longest one on my stomach was 3 yrs old (kids called it George) produced 100s of these little white spikes. Dermatologist said she would biopsy a sore only if it wasnt picked at. She said I caused it myself and it was only inflamation, yet she didnt want to touch me and stayed several feet away from me. I never went back, she wanted to give me pills..I dont need pills..i need to know what these things in my body are. My doctor who refered me to dermtologist had no clue what is was when I showed him a video of me pulling one out(youtube tallah911). Anyway, I am so happy that I am not going through this alone,yet it also makes me sad because I know how bad it makes us feel. Thank you for this site!
2 Answers
November 28, 2011
sorry the video is on youtube, username snojewel and its called thing.3g2!!
May 31, 2021

Did you ever figure out what it is? I’m suffering from same thing. Sucks!

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