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ForeverYoung , 29 Nov 2011

My first confession...

I sort of feel alone. I've searched and looked and although I know I'm not alone, I feel like I'm the only one. My skin picking is sort of unique I suppose. But it can get real bad. I will pick any spot on my body that has a blemish or a bump of a pore. My head receives the most damage. I also pick at my chest, and my shoulders at least once a week - but I can pick for up to an hour. And when it's real bad I'll do it every day. I'm scarred all over my body. I suppose the part that seems most unique is that I pick at my scalp. I dont think I can compare it to Trich, as I honestly dont pull my hair out and don't feel like I can really relate to the eating and the popping of the bulb. Thats definitely not what I'm doing. I PICK and sometimes dig at my scalp. I dont even know how it started. But it's been years. I pick at the small scabs that I have created on my scalp. I like the way the scab feels between my finger and my fingernail when I finally get it. Sometimes I spend all day on one scab. And you probably couldn't even call them scabs, because they dont even get a chance to heal enough to form a scab. But I pick white healing skin off my scalp. I just counted 11 that I have not given a chance to heal. The only way it heals is if I become too preoccupied with another few spots for a while and others MAY heal. However, give it a week, I'll get them back. Im not bald, I have most of my hair (thankfully). I'd honestly say that you dont notice a whole lot when you look at me. Other than the fact that I'm constantly scratching and look like I have lice. I don't. I told my doctor that I thought I had a problem with skin picking. She basically said there wasn't a whole lot that she could do, that it was a form of anxiety and to try to find different ways of managing my stress. Obviously she has no idea. Everybody notices, they have to. But nobody says anything. Also, because I pick at my face, I'll bet they know I dont have lice - and have obviously figured out that I have a problem. I just dont really know what to do about it...
2 Answers
November 30, 2011
Don't feel alone! There are so many people on here that deal with scalp problems. While I don't pick my scalp (its cuticles/fingers for me), I do think it has to do with anxiety. When you pick, what are you thinking about? Is it one certain problem? Or several? When did your picking start? Questions like these can hopefully help zero in a little on what your picking is related to. Also, is there a certain time of day you pick? I pick alot at night. I think I'm stressing about what happened that day...I've also been spending alot of time alone which I dont think helps. Do you pick when ur around others? Maybe it would help to reach out more. This is a great place to start.
December 03, 2011
Hi - you are certainly not alone. i pick my scalp to the point where others noticed it and asked me about it. That was a few years ago and I wish that that was still ALL I was doing but now I pick my arms, shoulders, legs - anywhere I can reach. I have terrible sores/scars on my arms and shoulders. I have looked into therapy and I think I'm going to try it even though it is very expensive, I don't know what else to do. It does help to keep skin moisturized. The drier the skin the more tempting and easier to pick. I wish I could tell you a way to stop - all of you and me too but I'm afraid I don't know. Good luck and for whatever comfort it is - your are definately alone.

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