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Andy , 04 Dec 2011

men too

people say this is mostly found in girls but thats not true. im an 18 year old male and i stuggle constantly with this. i try and go as many days as i can without picking but i always seem to come back to it. i feel so alone all the time like i dont even want to leave my house because im afraid of people judging me. i hate looking in the mirror because everytime i do it just seems like i find another pimple to pick at.. it makes me so depressed that sometimes i just sit in my room for days at a time. when im sitting there i feel so closed off from the world. i really wish i had someone to talk to about it so maybe i wouldnt feel so alone. does anyone want to talk or have any insight?
1 Answer
just me
December 04, 2011
hang in there. I'm new to this site, but it seems like there's a lot of people with the same problems. I know am tempted to cut myself off when I feel my problem is too obvious, but I also know that the will lead me to do more picking and it will just spiral down and make me feel more depressed. I try to get out every day. I'm luck I can use make-up, which helps a bit. What about the times you're doing well? Is there any thing you can learn from those times? What leads you to pick? I'm trying now to stop before going near a mirror and not let myself get to close without a clearly stated plan of what I am going to do (make-up), for how long, etc. Maybe I should get a little alarm to help jar myself away. What has worked for you?

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