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gypsy , 05 Dec 2011

Join me for 24 pick free hours

I've been reading this site the last week or so and I noticed that some of you make a committment in your posts to try to not pick. I have tried to keep you all in mind in the last couple of days and to not pick. I haven't been successful but I have been better and some of the sores on my arms are starting to heal. Someone on this siet mentioned trying to stop picking for 30 days but that's far too ambitious a goal for me. I honestly just wish I could go for 3-4 hours. So,I just want to write that for the rest of this evening and untill this time tomorrow, I'm going to try to not pick. I am committing to you all that I will try - just try. Anyone elo want to join?
3 Answers
December 05, 2011
I just joined tonight and am trying to read as much as I can and to start posting here for support and inspiration. My skin has been getting a lot clearer these past few days but today I caved and destroyed some of the progress. I am determined to keep trying to remain pick free. I will join you for 24 pick free hours! Thanks for the company.
December 07, 2011

In reply to by erised

Hi erised-thanks for your message. I didn't have 24 pick free hours but I did pick less than is normally my habit. I really need to heal my arms so if I havve to give in, I try to restrict picking to my scalp. I know it would better to not pick at all - that's my intention and I will try again for the next 24 hours. I wish you a pick free 24 as well.
December 07, 2011

In reply to by gypsy

I have had success and am glad to hear that you are at least doing better yourself. I have been trying really hard these past couple of days and this forum is helping. I have been avoiding mirrors (won't even look at myself for more than a second in the bathroom!) to help my face heal and wearing sweaters when alone to eliminate the temptation of bare skin (since avoiding mirrors doesn't stop me from picking my shoulders/chest). I taped a piece of paper to the mirror in my dorm room that says "STOP you are gorgeous." 1) It's a constant reminder that my skin is pretty underneath these red marks and deserves to heal, and that I don't want to pick anymore, and 2) it decreases the amount of mirror space available for a reflection. Thank you so much, gypsy, and good luck! I believe in you :) Your arms are beautiful and deserve to be mark-free.

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