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muffin , 06 Dec 2011

multiple treatments for multiple problems?

I just discovered this site today and didn't realize that all my odd compulsions fit all together. I pick at my cuticles until they bleed, and sometimes it's on all sides of my fingers, currently it's my thumbs. I've attempted fake nails, and just like everyone else, it's only temporary. Picking on my toes has reduced, but has caused many ingrown toe nails and painful walking. I also pull my split ends out or split them more. I can do those for hours. At night, I spend a lot of time either popping anything I can find that looks like it can be popped and pulling out tiny hairs on my stomach or breasts (does anyone else do this, by the way?). This takes up a lot of time and seems also impossible to pull away from. So basically, what does someone do for MANY compulsions?
2 Answers
December 07, 2011
Yes,i pluck little ingrown hairs that i find around the nipple area and on stomach. I also have alot of compulsions. i try my hardest to leave my skin alone and if i keep myself busy i'm usually successful. I hear myself saying in my head , "i'll just pop one and then i'll stop" but for some reason i just cant and wont stop picking untill i finally do snap out of it.
December 09, 2011

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That is basically exactly what happens to me. You just get so into it and you almost have to slap yourself to snap out of it, "just one more, I swear." Have you found anyway to prevent yourself from doing this on a daily basis? Thank you for sharing

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