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jams612 , 07 Dec 2011

My skin picking is getting way worse please help me .

I can't stop picking and popping at my face, and theres absolutely nothing on my face until im done and have created all these ugly marks and bumps and scabs. But its getting even worse .. its so embarassing but i noticed a pimple once on my boyfriends face and asked to pop it, he should have said no cause once he let me i could stop Its just like how i feel with my face i could sit for an hour picking at his face if he lets me , he tells me obviously he hates when i do it but i beg him to let me & for some reason he lets me but i want to stop but can't, for some reason i just get so much fun out of doing it and then when im done with his face i go on to mine please help.
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December 07, 2011
I feel so ashamed to admit it but when I see the occasional zit on my boyfriend I REALLY want to pop it. I've never done it, though, nor have I ever asked to. But I can tell you that it drives me crazy to ignore them. You and I have become very *obsessed* with the behavior. Obviously, you know it's wrong and you know that it's damaging; I'm glad that were are trying to get better. I wish I could tell you that there's a magical cure but there isn't. You should see a professional if that is an option for you. I have not done so myself yet but I think I am finally mustering the courage so it may happen soon. I really believe that it can help... in more than one way! It may be that you would benefit from taking medication, and counseling could lead to a prescription. If that's not the case, counseling can also get you behavioral therapy, which would reduce picking. As I said, I have never seen a therapist myself because I've been too scared, so right now I am working on modifying my behavior on my own. I just posted about this in another thread but it's rather lengthy so I will not copy and paste. Here's a quick summary of what I'm doing -- 1) Considering counseling, 2) Making my mirror less conducive to picking behavior, 3) Avoiding mirrors (look at hands instead of reflection when washing up in the bathroom!), 4) Posting on and reading this forum, 5) Constantly reminding myself that I do not want to pick anymore (I wrote "STOP you are gorgeous" on paper and taped it to my dorm room mirror), 6) Trying to obsess over healing my skin instead of obsess over picking my skin (I apply skin nourishing lotion everyday and mentally reward myself for pick-free days). If you want more details about any of that, please see my post on the "Gaining control" thread >> << If none of that sounds helpful/doesn't apply to you, I repeat my urge that counseling would be very helpful! I am no professional. I know that these coping techniques of mine probably pale in comparison to working with a therapist. I'm so sorry if my post doesn't help you at all. Final words: Never give up! You know that you have to stop. The satisfaction that we get from picking is clearly not worth the shame we feel afterwards nor is it worth the visible physical damage -- at all. Please get help! I want to get better and I want you to get better :) Good luck, jams612.

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