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renafie , 08 Dec 2011

Scared for life?

I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours picking the shit out of my legs.Needless to say,i am pretty disgusted with myself at the moment.What upsets me the most about tonight's picking extravaganza is that the scars on my legs were finally healed and pretty much had faded away.The last time i did this much damage was in April(2011).I tend to pick alot more during winter because I know my legs (& other parts of my body) will most likely be covered.I think my subconcious mind knows this and tells the rest of me thats it's okay to pick its easier to hide. I'm a 21 year old college student and ive been single for almost 3 year snow . I was content with the single life and actually preferred it up untill recently. Im ready for a relationship again but i'm insecure about the scars on my legs. Does anyone have any good NATURAL remedies for these scars? I usually use the gel from the aloe vera plants that i grow in my backyard but if anyone knows of any other's that proved to be effective ,please let me know! Thanks:)

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