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toomuchpressure , 11 Dec 2011

New Here

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site! I basically had it with my picking, once again, and I just googled and found I really need some support. I find it hard to get any sympathy from anyone around me because they just don't get it. Time and time again my mother asks me why I pick and time and time again I tell her I don't know why. I can't stand this. I don't want to pick anymore. It hurts but I keep doing it. I need support.
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December 17, 2011
hi there. i have decided that if i see someone that has a 0 beside their reply and they are asking for support i will reply because i guess it feels like an acknowlegement of your pain. i am replying to you to say that i get what you are talking about. especially the 'i dont want to pick anymore'. that is me. i will keep reinforcing it and any day when i dont is an absolute bonus. i find that i do it when things get too much. i therefore relate to your user name - too much pressure. i feel that it is when too many things stress me out and when i do the picking it is a release. almost like a pressure-cooker. have never understood it all and honestly did think i was only one with this kind of problem. i often wished i were something else, like anorexic or something because at least there were helplines, people talked about it but i never heard of people picking! now of course after reading through peoples stories i realise it is something that affects loads of us. one of the most helpful things for me is knowing its not so shameful. no magic answer but i think it may be one small dimension that could help in the whole complex process. best wishes to you.
December 18, 2011

In reply to by cleanandsparkle

cleanandsparkle I truly appreciate your response. I was fortunate to find out about this site as well. You know, the sad thing is that people don't give this disease credit. They say things like oh just stop or that is not something to be worried about, everyone does it. But what they don't realize is that it takes over our lives. Yes, too much pressure is right! I feel the need to be perfect and i'm stressed and then I pick leaving me more stressed than before. Ugh so many different things.
December 20, 2011

In reply to by toomuchpressure

hi tmp. agree about disease not having enough credit. it is truly all-encompassing. when i have picked badly i feel so incredibly down, failure, ill, etc. basically it makes my mind,body,spirit impaired somehow. know that is is all linked with anxiety. got locked out of this site somehow, prob because trying to be so careful that noone else could log on and see what i was inputting about this! felt panicky but did not give in and resort to OLD habits. that is how i am going to refer to it now - OLD. what do you think? think it is good to think of it as something in past. see how this works! (know have tried before but that was before i knew about this wonderful forum. best wishes

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