ingrown hairs around my eyebrows

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May 21, 2012

It has been about a year when this suddenly started happening to me as well! Its a nightmare and I am also in search to how to fix this because I rarely even leave the house from having to pile on concealers and such which still I look a mess! This is the first search I have done for this and your article was the first I have read. If I can find a cure I will post it here. Its nce to know that it is not just me cause I have felt like it was seeing this is so odd and random and terrible.

June 15, 2012

You described my situation perfectly! Ever since I began plucking my eyebrows they have been a mess. I have tendencies to pick every bump I feel because I like having my skin smooth as well. After I started plucking, I noticed I would run my fingers along the bottom of my eyebrows. Every time I feel a new hair poking through I have a VERY strong urge to pluck it. The skin under my eyebrows is red, dry, and scabbed... I always wondered how normal people pluck because it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I always get a few red bumps after I pluck. I have tried everything to prevent these bumps, but they always end up popping up. Ever since my severe acne went away I've managed to stay away from the rest of my face for the most part, but how do I stay away from my eyebrows when I have to keep them up? I have a feeling I would still have the same problem if I waxed. I wouldn't dare wax now though because the skin is so damaged I'd worry about it just ripping off. I have missed so many days of school and work over this, not to mention social occasions. I swear that ever since I started plucking the hairs have gotten so much thicker and abnormal. They never grow with my brow line and I just don't know what to do! I have been thinking a lot lately and if I can get my eyebrows healed by July I think I'm just going to start electrolysis treatment. From what I've read it will cost around $45/half an hour session and will probably take 10-20 sessions. I may not have a lot of money right now (I'm a broke nursing student), but to me it is worth it. I keep going through a cycle of having red marks, then they dry up, then they start to flake off (and my skin looks better), but then I have to pluck, and then I get the red bumps, and then I pick... and so on! I just want the hairs that are bothering me to disappear and never come back!

March 31, 2021

I found this forum in 2021 after SCOURING the internet for situations similar to mine. You all have described EXACTLY what has been happening to me for the last almost year now... I know it's a long shot with how old this is, but PLEASE come back and comment if any of you found a solution/cause to your issues!! I hope for your sake and mine you guys found some answers and help! Thanks!

April 14, 2021

Hi! I also have been looking for info about this as I have the same issue! I am posting here to connect and make myself accountable. I have been so frustrated with my inability to stop this damaging behaviour although I try to be kind to myself and I know it is about underlying anxiety mostly. What is interesting is that I managed to stop a pretty serious drinking problem a couple of years ago, and so I am trying to apply what worked for me there to this behavior. One thing I know is that success in changing all behavior is in the day to day, moment to moment management of thoughts and emotions. As in, focus on the moment of feeling peaceful and calm and ok with my imperfections and not the goal of having perfect eyebrows. I realize also there is an element of this habit that creates a new problem for me to focus on vs. what I am actually anxious about (the pandemic, job stress, etc.) which somehow feels easier and less complicated. I don't know if that resonates with anyone, but I'm putting it out there! Also I read that fake nails prevent the ability to pick and so I am going to get some today. Wishing everyone peace and healing who is dealing with this symptom!! PS