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rasberry7 , 17 Dec 2011

squeezing acne. how to stop?

i have oily skin so i get blackheads but not ones that other people would notice. only me. once i see one i have to squeeze it out even if it meant that the skin around it would get ruined(as long as i get it out)because they are mostly under the skin so that's why people wouldn't see them. a few times its been so bad where the skin was like..raw and took weeks to heal. i have been breaking out on my cheeks too and i have red marks on them that are taking awhile to go away and there are pimples under the skin there so i keep trying to get them out but its just making my cheeks redder i think.i really wanna stop picking my face for good. there will be times when i dont pick for while but then one day ill get the urge to squeeze one little thing and then i do my whole face and its all totally red and ugly.:/
3 Answers
December 18, 2011
Hello! So I'm also having this problem rasberry7 and let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I get one sees the imperfections, but we do. I haven't found the solution to stopping but I have luckily found a friend to help me through the process. Cover your mirrors with magazine photos or wrapping paper and leave one mirror open or what i have done is put a mirror in my bedroom with dimmer light and i get ready in my bedroom. Its been better for me because now i really can't see that great and I can't notice, even if i get up close. Find something to do with you a with a toy. I understand that picking is like a muscle memory hands are so used to going to my face and this week I have been having withdrawals from picking because I am so used to it. It becomes routine...let me tell you however that there is hope. I know it seems like there isn't but trust me when I say there is. We all love you here and will support you through this. YOU CAN DO IT! It's going to be okay :)
December 19, 2011
hi there. i have exactly the same problem and u just put it into words perfectly. thankfully, touch wood, my picking has improved dramatically since i first posted on this site. i stil have bad days, like last wednesday wen i picked a 'hole' on my nose trying to get a blackhead out. it has healed so well tho cos i put ice on it and i put vitamin e oil on it too. i also have the mirror in my bathroom covered with a calendar and i try use dim lighting at night! sometimes i find that i be picking at my skin wen i watching tv etc but i am really trying to stop touching my face cos i just tink i am giving myself more spots wen i touch my face. i seem to keep getting big acne cysts along wit little whiteheads. i find the spots that come to a head are very hard not ti pick but i will continue to improve and hopefully someday i will be pickfree!
December 21, 2011
I'm on picking "rehab" - I really hope it'll last. I put my mirror into the closet so it's difficult to see the pores in bigger mirrors and forcing myself not to touch the skin (which is so difficult).

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