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Jnegrea , 19 Dec 2011

I realized I have a problem with picking, and want to do something about it.

Im 20 and in university, this week I picked my face to the point where I'm sure it would be very noticeable. The zits I've picked probably wouldn't have been noticed by others, but once I find them I have a compulsion to get them out. I have done this before, multiple times, but I've only identified that I have a problem recently, and I thought I was alone. For the last couple days I've been too embarrassed to hang out with my friends because of what I've done to my face. Today I googled 'I cant stop p" and picking my pimples came up. Its like a weight off to know there are other people out there with the same problem. What I read said that particularly bad episodes of picking may be related to stress, which would make sense as i have exams this week which I've been stressing about. I found something to fidget with when I get the urge to pick, but often when I touch my skin and find something I deem an imperfect, I immediately have at it. This will probably be the hardest habit to break. Thanks for letting me share, and any advice would be great, Regards,

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