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iwillgetbetter , 20 Dec 2011

I thought I would share a technique that's been helping me

Hi everyone, Recently, when I get the urge to pick or prod my face with lancets, I've been painting my nails to immobilize my hands. Not only does it feel good to do something that actually enhances my appearance, I find that in the time it takes to apply the polish and wait for it to dry, I usually have better control over the anxiety. If the urge doesn't cease I'll apply another coat, or apply a different polish to make interesting designs. I realize that this technique isn't really that good for guys, but perhaps it could work with clear polish. The benefit to this technique is that you really can't pick for at least 10-15 minutes unless you care to get lacquer on your face, which gives you some time to calm yourself down. I hope this helps others. I'm still still picking pretty often but I've been making strides towards stopping with this technique.
2 Answers
December 20, 2011
That sounds like a good idea for some, but I think if I tried it, not being able to pick would just make it worse :( although it might be worth putting some PVA glue on your hands and fingers (but not in any cuts) and peeling it off when it's dry :) Sounds weird but it kind of worked for me, although it's not quite the same as picking :)
December 21, 2011
I'll try that! I've once read that the fingertips have many receptors which when stimulated release endorphines. Maybe some of skin picking is about that because it's constantly stimulated... Manicure may give the same effect - I will definitely try! Thanks!

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