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takecare , 23 Dec 2011

Picking Fingers ..Fed up ..Need Help!!

Hi, so this is the first time I'm telling the outside world about my skin picking problem, I'm 18 and been going at it for about 4-5 years. I pick the skin off of all my fingers which can be very painful! However I don't bite my skin instead I use a nail cutter which is even worse because I don't know how many layers of skin I am actually picking. I pick almost every day and can go at it for hours which really annoys me that I can't physically stop myself as I feel like I can't do anything if I don't get it right (I know sounds weird right). I pick my skin the most when my hands are wet as I can see the skin peeling off so I have to take it off, which can lead me to picking my skin for hours, I don't feel the time pass by because I am focusing so much and thinking a lot! I have tried too many times to stop, and have failed lasting only a few days. I suffer from social anxiety which causes me to pick more. I don't want to visit the doctor because of this condition just yet because I find it very embarrassing. I am hoping to get some advice and support from this forum and to see if any others have similar problems. Thanks
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December 29, 2011
Wow, we have so much in common! I do exactly what you do. Although I try to hide it in public, at home it's a different story. My parents always nag me to stop but then I just hide my hands or do it when they aren't looking. I also suffer from social anxiety and have a lot of stress in my life. But I don't think that's the cause because I started this since I was little. I'd actually prefer not to when my hands are wet though, but I love to pick them right after the shower, when they are still damp but also dry. My hands have actually become sore from picking because just the action itself is so tiring, sometimes more painful than the cuts their selves. I cut my nails so short that it's really hard for me to carry things and open bottles and such. It's pretty sad. But no worries, it's more common than you think!
December 30, 2011

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Hello, thanks for the reply it's nice to know someone else shares the same problem. I too hide my hands in public, and my family know I pick my skin 24/7 they just think I'm weird lol, but I'm sure they know I can't help it. I have no nails either I cut them so short that it's painful! I also constantly file my nails just to get rid of the roughness on my nails and also my skin. However I'm always moisturising my hands to stop myself from picking, and it kinda helps :)
January 04, 2012
I'm 34 years old with two kids and pick my thumbs and index fingers. my fingers are swollen and scarred and I wear bandaids to "hide" the bloody red mess I cause. I pick when I am anxious and I pick when I am bored. I, too, have problem with anxiety and this makes it a 1000 times worse. Somedays I wish I could hide from everyone I am so ashamed and scared that someone will confront me. My hands and wrist are starting to become stiff and club like from the incessant picking. I've tried finding a therapist here in town but no one specializes in this. how can we control this? it controls too much of my life and defines me in a way I'd rather not.
January 04, 2012

In reply to by camdogb

I pick all my fingers, even if there's a little bit of skin coming off I have to take it off which really annoys me. I think the anxiety triggers you to pick your skin, as when I'm nervous I check my fingers to see what there is to pick, even though I try not to! I don't know how we can control this, maybe it will help to keep yourself busy and keeping your mind off picking. I'm currently reading this book to see if anything will help me >> ..I don't know if it's of any help but who knows. Hope we find a solution soon!

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