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Lilly-Anne , 23 Dec 2011

BDD and skin picking - please, please help!!

I was diagnosed with OCD and BDD about half a year ago, and i'm still receiving CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and i take SSRI. Eventhough my OCD and self-esteem is improving, my skin picking is not! It improved drastically when i first started my CBT, but now it's getting worse again and i feel hopeless. I'm a teenager, but my skin is actually pretty good when i don't pick, but when i do, it just looks like i have a face full of spots, when infact it's just inflammed tiny pimples that i've found whilst analysing my face. If i've managed not to pick for a couple of days, i'll look in the mirror and think to myself my skin is looking really nice, but the next thing i know, i'm a centremetre away from the mirror picking at the tiny imperfections. I've been skin picking for about 4 years, and i understand that it's difficult to stop something that you've been doing for so long, but i thought professional help would actually help, but it hasn't.. Literally ANY advice would be appreciated, i'm just hoping somnebody will tell me something which is different from the professionals which will help me

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