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Jenjen1 , 28 Dec 2011

What products are good to use to clear picked face and pimples from picking

I am new to the forum and have been a face picker since i was around 15 ( I am now 29) I am really trying to stop as it is beyond a joke for me. I pick at little bumps on my face which literally causes me pimples and bumps and scabs. I have a huge amount of red scars from picking on my face also which I try to cover with makeup ( which is hard) I feel like I have to cover it with makeup as I look so hideous. Does anyone have suggestions for a good face cleansing and moisturising routine to help while I am trying to give up my picking I need something effective which will help to calm my sking without causing more pimples and need to stick to it to help me have motivation to stop picking also something not too drying as I find after I pick and cleanse my sking gets flaky, but I don't want pimples urgh! help any advice for me?
1 Answer
December 28, 2011
A good gel cleanser - I use Ole Henriksens On the go gel - it is wonderful! Moiturizer - I love Dermalogica Active Moist - but it's not enough for my skin in winter, but leaves the skin with a nice fresh feeling. Especially if you are at home. Clay masks to suck the excess sebum out. And the most important thing - don't touch the face! Throw the mirrors away!!

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