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aleigh24024 , 02 Jan 2012


Ever since I was about 14 years old, I viciously attack my face with my fingernails. Every little bump, small imperfection, pore... I have to pick. It makes me feel so satisfied. When I wake up the next morning, I end up having a noticable, large scab sitting on my face. Seeing that just stresses me out more, so I pick at again, only to repeat my horrible, addictive behaviour. It's a depressing cycle that's almost impossible to get out of. I look like someone slapped me across the face with a piece of pizza. Please help! If any of you have daily access to the web, perhaps we can be skin picking buddies. Everyday, we report to each other through e-mail or something, and hopefully, over time, we will report nothing but good news to each other. I've been trapped in this cycle for way too long, and I'm thinking that the only way to get out is to have a support buddy along my side. Some things in life, you may need a helping hand...not everything can be done alone. On a scale from 1-10, how bad is your picking? Mine is about an 8, or a 9. Thanks. :)
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January 02, 2012
hi, i've been picking since i was 14 aswell! how many years has it been for you? it seems like it is never ending sometimes... i pick everyday and i can't remember the last time i went a day without picking so it is really bad for me, about a 9.
January 02, 2012

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Ugh same! About 5 years. It's been a 9 for a long time and it sucks i wish it woukd just go away on its on. maybe someday we'll grow out of it. yea i hate it its so controlling i cant remember the last time i didnt pick too. how many years has it been for you?
January 11, 2012

In reply to by aleigh24024

it's been 5 years for me too; i'm 19. It's so hard to try and live a normal life with this problem. I'm too ashamed to tell anyone about it except from my parents but they tell me to 'just stop'. Do you have anyone you can confide in? I had a friend who picked her skin a lot but she seems to have stopped now, so there is hope :)
January 02, 2012
Skin picking buddies :) that made me smile. I think you are on to something! Having the daily support would be so helpful, I've been picking for probably close to 12 years, I'm 24 now. I can definitely relate to your story.
January 03, 2012
Hi all, I'm new here, I've been picking on and off for a long time - many, many years - I hate to tell you how many. I just found this group and the name for skin picking! Makes me feel a little better that there are other people out there that do this - sorry that we all have this in common. I think I can stop, I have before, but it has never been this bad. I'm going through a lot of health issues and stress with my mom and family and I take it out on myself, at least that's what I think. I'm in therapy now but we've just begun. I'm taking baby steps to stand up on my own against my mom - a major trigger for my picking, and my daughter has found someone to occupy her time - so she's not bossing me around as much - another trigger. And I'm trying to be more 'mindful' of my picking - asking myself why? or noticing before I've picked all the scabs and trying to stop. Gloves help sometimes but it's hard to type with them on and I'm a writer and can't go very fast with them on (I work at home, which is good and bad). Hope everyone has a good, peaceful and happy new year! I wouldn't mind being someones support buddy!
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January 12, 2012
I started picking when I was 14 too and I'm 16 now. Skin picking buddies sounds great, but how about skin loving buddies or something like that instead? Haha. My skin picking was about a 9 a couple of months ago, but it's gone down to about a 7. But I'm aiming for a zero (:(: So a skin loving buddy would be great to share this with.

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