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cleanandsparkles , 04 Jan 2012

H.A.L.T. technique

Hi everyone at this fantastic forum from which i have had so much help. firstly from knowing not alone, secondly getting ideas and thirdly sharing my own struggles and successes. Here is one of my 'tools' which has helped at different times, ofcourse not always but i figure that each time i dont pick is a bonus because it allows healing and also can interrupt the negative emotions that i get when i have picked, ie failure, etc. If there is no interruption with these feelings then i can get very down. (versus very positive when havent picked!) H.A.L.T. = a check-in technique. Be aware of how you are. sometimes by catching oneself being in one of these vulnerable states can be very powerful because by dealing with one of these states can then prevent a picking session. i used this for another addiction and it is v powerful. H = hungry. sometimes having something to eat or drink can change focus off of ourselves. sometimes the sight of our own anxious face in the mirror is enough to start a major pick! Peel an orange - this takes time and can give time to come to senses again and question just how much better can fee if dont pick right now. A = angry - this can trigger so much picking! take anger out in positive ways. sport, skipping, jumping, running, dancing - whatever just not on ourselves! Obviously the therapy bit comes in here too if necessary. (p.s. anger can be umbrella term for jealousy or betrayal or feelings of being inadequate, etc, etc. L = lonely Being alone doesnt always happen when on own. it can be most lonely in a crowd! then when get home picking can start as a result of having had horrid day. very helpful to check in with a friend/family or someone we care about and vice versa. this positive connection can change perspective and possibly stop picking as a resort to escape feelings. T = tired Very very important one. tiredness can be a weak point. when tired resistance is LOW. reasons for not picking can be forgotten in the process. negative feelings can overcome and then hey presto a sabataged skin situation. before picking just try to check in and if possible - SLEEP first and then make conscious choice rather than an auto-pilot action. Hope this may help someone on here. p.s. under the lonely part - writing on this site can be very powerful. i always feel less lonely after writing on here! We are never alone on here! feel very grateful.
3 Answers
January 04, 2012
H = hungry A = anxious/angry L = lonely T = tired These states can be vulnerable 'picking times'. so if about to start picking maybe try H.A.L.T. to interrupt the picking habit in a conscious way. any day pick-free is freedom for me. i am doing great at moment and using lots techniques but this is very useful as a check-in and prescription. good luck to all of us in 2012.
January 05, 2012
Hi, Thanks so much for posting this! I had never heard of this before as I'm just starting with a very young therapist and we are working through stresses and how to address them. We haven't even gotten to the picking issue yet. Love this place, just found it! Peace, Gina
January 05, 2012

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hi gina. thanks for your comments. different postings can help at different times depending on lots of differing factors. at the moment i randomly scroll through and i find it empowers me to keep remembering im not alone with this. so many of us are doing our very best to either lessen, control or kick the picking habit. personally, inspite of some quite severe high-stress moments i have found real improvement since sharing on this site. i too am starting therapy soon and am not looking forward to discussing this with a therapist face-to-face but know that this is a major step forward. my first real improvement has come since admitting it 'live' on this site so guess the therapist is a further 'risk' in the right direction. One thing i have had to acknowledge is that i am quite a stressy person! eeek! have always liked to consider myself quite laid-back. think somehow the picking numbed my feelings to an extent (except for shame racked emotions post-pick but at least they became familiar if that makes sense?). i know it is going to be a 'journey' but i would rather risk taking this and working hard at it than being stuck in a place where i gave up. giving up trying is not an option for me. i have a daughter and i want to be a positive role-model for her. best wishes, sarah

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