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toomuchpressure , 05 Jan 2012


Hello everyone! I simply need some words of encouragement. I am 18 years old and of course too young to get married soon, but I'm worried. What if I keep picking? What if I never cease to destroy my skin? Will I find a spouse? Will I find someone who will support me through this and try to help? It seems as though no one truly understands and that's okay, but what if I don't find someone who at least cares enough to help? Anyways...thinking about this made me slip a little and I picked my forehead like crazy...I'm hoping to get some new face wash soon and to decrease the amount of pimples on my face. Thanks for listening. I love all of you on here even though I know none of you personally. Anyone live in Las would actually be nice to start a support group and meet every other week or once a week or something :)
1 Answer
Pretty Pressure
January 06, 2012
Hello! I can see where you're coming from; I'm just fifteen. I do my worst picking around my hairline and near my ears. I don't feel like anyone gets it eaither, because I don't know anyone else in person who does it too. I'm sorry I don't live anywhere near Vegas. I stay on the East coast.

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