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luvkitties2 , 09 Jan 2012

I must really hate myself

I can't think of any other reason why I keep shredding my face and body. I've had times where I was able to (mostly) stop for a few days. My skin would look better, I didn't need to use as much makeup to cover up the fresh spots, and I was starting to feel good about myself for once. As much as I try to keep my fingers away from my face, it seems nearly impossible to do so. I've been picking since my early teens and already have faded scars under my chin, in addition to hyperpigmentation on my jaw and neck. I feel as if I'm already beyond repair and f***ed up. I keep wondering what I would have looked like had I not had this destructive compulsion. I really hate myself right now.
1 Answer
January 13, 2012
you shouldnt hate yourself! look at what other people have to deal with, look up harlequin icthiosis, it will make you feel thankful for the skin you have. i know how you feel too i have the same exact problem and i assure you, my skin is much worse since ive been doing this since before i can remember, literally my whole life. dont hate yourself it will make you pick more. keep your hands occupied and find out what the situations, moods, places are that trigger you to pick, then do your best to avoid them, if you have a set back dont focus on the set back, focus on all the time you have managed not to pick and tell yourself you can start stopping again. my scars are bad, they cover my whole back, forehead, arms and legs, try not to pick too deeply as you will destroy the pigment in your skin leaving white scars that will never go away. i hope this advice helps. dont hate yourself your problems could be much worse. seriously look up skin diseases like leprosy and you will feel better about your skin.

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