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kylie75 , 12 Jan 2012


Ok I didnt know i had a problem until i search website last night and read this forum... I am 36yrs mother of 2 from Australia and have been picking since i can remember...I do it all!!!! i have no finger nails or toe nails...i have scars from picking scabs...esp when i had chickenpox/boil...and yes i do pick acne if i get them, i;ve had infected toe from picking...cant leave anything alone- if it can b picked i will...i dont however eat ear wax...and past 2yrs started doing my heel of my feet and today where bandaids and limping as took to much skin off and it hurts so now i have big bandaids in cupboard and even thinking of getting bigger and stronger ones to stop me from picking it whilst it healing!!!!! and the gross thing is everything i pick i put in my mouth!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE ONLY PEOPLE I'VE EVER SAID THAT TOO....i know its gross but i cant stop...tried stop biting nails with creams/lotions/stop bite but doesnt work...Fake nails dont work as i bite them off and also makes me pick something else more since i have the fake nails!!!!! I am on anti depressants for last 6mths but that hasnt helped the picking...but i do see a pysc but never told her about it as didnt think was something that could be helped but when i go back to her in feb i def telling her about this...... ITS GOOD/BAD to know i not alone..........please tell me if you have stopped how you did it........ Now my eldest child who is 6yrs is doing it...not as bad as me but she has anxiety as well:( hopefully if i can stop it she could thanks for listening

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