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morgaine , 13 Jan 2012


Hello everyone. I posted back in Oct. 2011 (around then) when my skin-digging first began. How HORRIFIED I was and still am. I am putting this in all caps so there is no mistake about this: THE DRUG, ADDERALL, IS COMPLETELY & TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OBSESSION TO PICK!! I am PRAYING SOMEONE who knows a good attorney - one who is willing to take on the manufacturer - will SUE THE PANTS OFF OF THEM AND PAY ALL THE MEDICAL BILLS WE WILL HAVE TO PAY - OR - HAVE ALREADY PAID. I am angry...yes...very angry at my physician who NEVER once mentioned this bizarre habit was a side effect of taking ADDERALL. So many of you have shared that you've picked for years...many since childhood. How sorry I am that you've experienced this!! I know the shame, confusion, and inability to STOP - no matter how hard one tries. MY DIGGING BEGAN AFTER APPX. 6 MONTHS ON ADDERALL AND IT CONTINUES TO THIS DAY. I went off the horrid drug for a month and the urge to pick virtually STOPPED. My skin started to clear up and I no longer went into "trances" with any picking. I had hope. However, what my doctor also NEVER told me was the REBOUND DEPRESSION that hits once the Adderall is stopped!! YES, he prescribed Adderall for my DEPRESSION - NOT ADHD, OCD...ANY compulsive behavior. The drug actually CAUSED OCD digging in me. As if my initial depression wasn't bad enough, now I was completely ADDICTED to Adderall...totally. Could not get through a day without it. Once I manage to stop...the rebound depression & anxiety left me so suicidal, so DOWN & HOPELESS, I had to start the Adderall again. Along with God knows how many OTHER drugs!!! ALL with some sort of side effect that scares the crap out of me. At this time, I plan to see ONE MORE addiction psychiatrist/psychotherapist who hopefully will get me off the (now) SEVEN medications I'm supposed to take and this Adderall insanity will come to an end. I can only PRAY. Yes, I am scarred. My arms have a layer of scar tissue built up already...legs, a ton of brownish scar marks, and my tummy, large HOLE type scars that are still open. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR DRUG COMPANY!!!! I just read Adderall is one of the most widely prescribed drugs on the market today. IT IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE - VERY PRONE TO ABUSE - AND DOCTORS ARE HANDING IT OUT LIKE CANDY. Did I happen to mention I AM ANGRY???!!! My whole life has changed due to this one drug and this one STUPID, IGNORANT doctor. HE DID TELL ME THAT THE PICKING (he called it "tics" HA!!) WAS DUE TO AN IMBALANCE IN MY BRAIN --- WAY TOO MUCH DOPAMINE VS THE OTHER NEUROTRANSMITTERS. (SP?) Twice, I have had this explained as the cause. So, I would highly suggest any and all bring this up to your physicians...BE TESTED FOR NEUROTRANSMITTER LEVELS....SEE IF YOU ARE HIGH ON DOPHIMINE (SORRY, KNOW THIS IS NOT SPELLED CORRECTLY)! AND THEN PROCEED FROM THERE. To all parents: IT IS MY ADVISE THAT YOU NEVER, EVER, allow your child to take this garbage!! You cannot know what it's doing to their young brains. I do understand the heartbreak of having a child with ADHD...but Adderall & Vyvance may help them in the short run...and doom them forever to some OCD HABIT in the long run. I cannot state my sorrow and regret more deeply than I have. I am 10 times WORSE OFF - ON ALL LEVELS - than I was before I began Adderall in March, 2011. I wish I had never MET this physician or his pocket full of DRUGS. I am seeking legal help - currently asking for my medical records to see how strong my case is...and IF I have ANY SUCCESS, I will post here ASAP. Blessings to all who share sorry I am for all of us. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH DOCTORS...I HAVE LEARNED THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING & EVERYTHING....without regard for the consequences to YOUR life. ADDERALL DOES CAUSE SKIN-PICKING!!!!! DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!!!! Sorry for the rant...I'm sad. Very sad. ):
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January 16, 2012
I had problems with panic attacks and depression and I couldn't leave the house...right in my Grad year. My doctor prescribed Celexa and it made things worse and she said that not every drug works for everyone so sometimes its a trial and error...but then she wouldn't prescribe me anything else so she sent me to some child psyciatrist that barely spoke english..(I don't see how a kid is supposed to talk to that man....oy) and he gave me prozac. I have always picked...but as much as a regular human being with a bad habit....I too ended up with these horrific picking trances!!! Sccarrred! One day I just stopped taking the crap, and low and behold! My picking stopped! It's terrible. Scarred for life. Anyway, I hope things go well for you. I just posted in my own thrread... try Swedish Bitters. There isnt much information on the web about it but its centuries old and theres documents of it healing scars new and old (and many other health problems) Dude, I know im a stranger...but go get yourself some of this. I have been using it for only a week and noticed my dark spots fading.

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