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red55555 , 13 Jan 2012

ideas for keeping my hands occupied so i dont pick! help!

really trying to stop picking, i mess with my face (acne) and basically the rest of my body (keratosis pilaris which is little bumps) i have managed to stop for five months before but i inevitably begin to backslide! a few scratches here or there or bothering one acne bump can send me back to picking for hours and messing up weeks worth of work. i know a lot of good strategies but need more help! any ideas on keeping hands occupied and leaving my skin alone?
2 Answers
January 13, 2012
My mum says I should take up knitting lol. Perhaps you could try playing with blu-tack or something as you can still "pick" at it without hurting yourself. I like putting PVA glye on my fingers (but not in any cuts) an peeling it off. It feels nice ^_^

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