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L66NEEDHELP , 13 Jan 2012

New to Forum - Need Guidance

Hello all. I'm new here. To make a long story short, in July of 2011, I had gallbladder surgery. The surgeon nicked my common bile duct and three weeks later, I was back in hospital with stent placement. Three weeks after that, I started a new job (lost my other job b/c FMLA ran out), and was there for 4 hours, and was going to lunch, didn't make it out the door, and slipped on the exterior step of the building, fracturing both ankles, requiring surgery. Went to recovery for 8 weeks, and the stent was to be taken out the first week of October. It didn't happen. Came home end of October, and November 11, the stent was taken out, but my bile duct had closed shut, so a new stent had to be put in. In the meantime, I had 24-hour care, people constantly in my home, my cats were pining for me for two months and one became severely ill while I was gone, I was laid up at a facility and could not bathe myself, walk by myself, and was confined to a wheelchair. In December, I had a fluid build-up in the gallbladder fossa that was apparently bile from the first surgery. I had a drainage tube and bag put in for over a week. Chronic pancreatitis and biliary colic developed. I have another surgery scheduled for next Friday to hopefully that this stent removed. To not get off topic, I have had 6 general anesthesias as of next Friday. I've lost some short-term memory and believe me, this was the most traumatic thing I've had to ever go through. I'll be mid-sentence, and totally forget what I was talking about. I cannot drive yet, I'm using a cane now, and I have trouble writing words out -- sometimes, I will mixed letters up in a word and have to cross them out. About 8 weeks ago, I started picking at my face. Just a little pimple to start, that ended up in scabs, large scabs, that I would pick and pick to the point where my once beautiful skin, has tons of imperfections now, wrinkles, pocks, from picking. I think I've got PTSD to tell you the truth. I am on meds for depression and anxiety, but the totality of events over the last 7 months are so extreme that I cannot help myself from picking. Please share your thoughts with me as you can. Thank you, Lis

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