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vacant-mind , 16 Jan 2012

I found a solution that helps heal/fade scars new & old!! It's friggen incredible!

Hey guys! So just a quick about me, I have stopped picking for about a year now. I still do it here and there obviosly, but the crazy sit on your bed for hourS destroying your legs and thighs thing is that of the past.. So maybe you guys aren't there yet...but I know for sure you guys have scars you wish were gone. Im really stoked to share this with you cause I have been only using it for a week and have noticed my skin changing. Scars are FADING! I don't know how the hell it's working but its called SWEDISH BITTERS. My Grandma gave a jar of it to me when I had a cold. I did some research on it and what it is, is a mixture of 11 herbs and alcohol. It's extremely popular in Europe and has been around for centurys. It is said to be the elixir of life...and my Grandma is 94 with no major health problems. There isn't a whole lot of information about it online...but it cures up to 50 different problems. If you read the old tales from it's earlier documents, it seems nuts but I read that it was good if you apply to I said why not?! I have been applying it 2 times a day with a cotton pad and moisturizing all my dark scars all over my body..and although they have not totally gone away...the skin is starting to change color and fade. It's the only thing that has worked...not to mention this quick. Im going to keep applying it but I can tell it is working. You can buy this at any local health food store. I hope you guys see results like I am!!!
2 Answers
January 18, 2012
wow, are you serious? i dont have a dark scars, but i am little pockmarked and this looks like a good thing to try!!
January 22, 2012
Hey, congrats on your picking cessation! Could you please describe your scars for a bit? Just so i can compare the description with mine. It really sounds great. Mine are not just dark spots on my face, they are also like little holes on my face.

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