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hatesherface , 24 Jan 2012

If only I had the TIME

I am 21. I pick my fingers, pimples, lips, feet, and any cut or bug bite that results in a scab. i don't need to tell you all how terrible this can be (it gets pretty gross), but i found something that helps and i thought i should share. I like to read. i got a nook last christmas and i discovered that i can now read and wear mittens or gloves while i do it! this is great, because when i don't want to pick, thats what i do. the problem has always been that i have to take the mittens/gloves off all the time. i can't wear them at work, i can't do much while i am wearing them (can't eat or hold a pen. can't brush my teeth or fold a tee shirt...), and they look silly and out of place in certain public places. but i do read a lot, as i said before. when i read i lay around. i don't eat much or move really. i zone out and pick without realizing i am even doing it. this has been a major problem for me, because i can't turn a page with gloves on, so my hands have always been free to make mischief during these times. but with my nook i don't have to turn any pages, i just push a button. what i did over break was i covered my lips and all pickable facial scabs with neosporn (globs of the stuff). i covered what i could with bandaids, then i put my mittens on and read my nook. i would eat and shower and do my chores before hand so i wouldn't be interrupted, and then i would just chill out and read. it helped so much! i had to be rather anti social while doing it, but i really enjoyed the books i read and didn't feel like i was missing out on much. i also had extra time due to classes being out and the fact that i only work part time. my work is busy during christmas so there was never any time to pick. this works, it takes a few days to get use to it, but once you get going it really does help, especially the neosporn regiments. the only problem is it takes time. i can't do this when im taking classes because i need to study and write things out. i need my fingers to turn pages. but i gave it 3 weeks during break and definitely saw promising results. of course i began picking as soon as classes started up again and all of that promise is gone, but if anyone has the kind of time to try this, i really think it could help us all heal.

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