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Janey , 25 Jan 2012

I didn't know there was help or support!

I had no idea until tonight that skin picking was a defined disorder and that there is help!! I REALLY want to stop. It's self destructive and embarrassing. I pick my cuticles the most but also my scalp and the bottom of my feet. I already take an SSRI for depression (it works) and was thinking about hypnosis. Has anyone tried it? I would like to learn more about the cognitive approach and the substitution approach. I'm also compulsive about food; I'm sure these things all go hand in hand. I figure that the food thing is so hard that I would start with the picking issue - one thing at a time. I'm cutting down on caffein as well and am hoping that lessens anxiety. Glad you all are out there!
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January 25, 2012
hi janey, yep i tried hypnosis for my scalp picking and it did help to a degree but i suspect i needed more treatments than i had. - think that all these things can help create a more positive 'mind' environment and that helps encourage yet more positive states. - main thing i think is forgiving yourself for doing it, know that there are literally thousands of us that pick and - persevere! - sounds like you are going to be doing some experimenting with your own good ideas so you obviously are on the right track. - On another positive note i have imrproved beyond my wildest hopes since sharing stuff, good and not so good, on this site and feel this is part of my therapy so can recommend continuing doing what you are doing! - re the cognitive approach, i am starting first CBT tomorrow - at last, and am looking forward to it as know I have anxiety issues, although, it has to be said, at least now im not anxious about picking so that is one major relief. i know that i must be vigilant and not take this new found 'freedom' for granted so im prepared to put the work in, ie. CBT, posting here, eating well (most of the time!) and exercise, etc. - what is great is that there are so many things to try. water for me is great, it may be a little boring to remember to drink regularly but it really seems to improve skin, mood, digestion and keeps me remembering why i am drinking it.- anyhow best wishes Janey :)
February 01, 2012

In reply to by Janey

hi Janey. wanted to thank you for your response and hope you are doing well. you said to let you know how C.B.T went. .... well ..... ....... think there is a lot to it. am having 6 sessions and because i have stopped picking (99 per cent) - mostly due to this site, i have confused the CBT therapist who originally thought she would be treating me to stop picking. - So, now she has asked me to look at behaviours i carry out whilst anxious. - to be honest now i have to think about what to do to replace the picking! obviously i want to do something positive. NOT substitute it with something equally stultifying. - i have been looking up cbt on some sites and there are some v good tips on there, think i may continue to read up on it because it is such an interesting area. - I am hoping that you are finding encouragement from this site Janey and keep strong and finding things that work for you. :)
February 01, 2012
I never knew there was help either. I almost feel silly for not googling this problem I have sooner!

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