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toronto_leafs , 26 Jan 2012

my skin is falling off and i dont know what to do!

I bought this new make-up made for "oily-normal skin" on friday and began using it. At first I felt really confident with it because my skin didnt look greasy anymore which is what i really wanted, but then when i went to sleep everything changed. I woke up with an open wound on my neck and chin. At first i thought i was just scratching in my sleep so i kept on applying the makeup. Well its been almost a week now and my face is completely dried out, i can barely open the one eye because all the skin is off the eyelid, my face has open wounds and scabs all over it, and because i live in a dry climate it hasn't healed. I figured out last night what might be the root of my problem and i am in so much pain. This is really difficult to deal with because i never had skin problems before this and now it has consumed my entire face and i dont even want to go out in public it looks so bad. What can i do to help heal the scabbing fast and keep my face moisturized until i can get in to see the doctor?

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