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Disturbed , 28 Jan 2012

A new development.. Very frustrating..

Hi all... I am new to this forum.. However, I have had picking problems since 1983.. so I thought.. In 1983 I fell victlm to the dreaded meth addiction.. in 1997 I finally was able to move on and have been clean ever since.. I always related the picking to the meth.. As a drug induced phychosis.. I was informed by my family that I used to pick when I still lived at home.. the meth addiction didn't start until much later... so now the truth comes out... the problem existed well before the meth addiction came into play.. That is really tough.. I have had very many challenges in my life, however! Now I understand what has fueled the picking.. Now the problem becomes difficult to accept.. I am out of work for the first time in my life and need a neck surgery. And a back surgery.. At this point in time I can do a whole lot of nothing.. I cant believe we all have the same story reguarding the habits of picking... There are a couple things that have helped me significantly.. Yes! I went through a three year period without a single pick. I felt that cycling would be good for my mental status.. I also started a natural juice diet.. I also do a steam treatment to my face.. I do get the sensation of being poked... yes! Everywhere there is a hair. The steam treatment does a very good job of relieveing that prickly feeling that is sure to get the tweezers moving.. At this point in time I am a mess.. in the past week this problem has escalated beyond belief .. so very frustrating....

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