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dommi9877 , 30 Jan 2012

Any tips to stop or to pick less?

I have been picking my fingers/nails since i was 5 or 6. and my lips since i was 9. I absolutely can not stop! If i look in the mirror i start to pick my lips. I cant cover the mirror up because it is shred with others and they would question it. My lips are always red/cut. I often have to use one hand in the shower because the other is so cut that water KILLS! sometimes i have to miss it for a couple days and hope my hands get a little better so i can have a normal shower. I don't know the last time i used too hands. I find i always pick my right hand loads more. I hate doing it. I have so many scars and don't like to get my picture taken or having people ask about it or ask about my hands. Does anyone find they pick more on a certain side? Do you have any tips to stop picking or to pick less.

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