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LALady , 30 Jan 2012


Since I have become more aware of my picking, I have narrowed it down to stress. Today, Sunday, I had no urge to pick and had a very stress-free day. It seems like I notice I get in the "picking trance" when I'm driving. I live in Los Angeles and drive a lot. I tend to start picking my face when I'm on the freeways. I am a recovering addict and I know from my 12 step recovery work that the solution starts with the admission of a problem. So, when I went to my therapist on Friday, I wore no make up. I have started to talk to her about my skin picking, which in my opinion, is nothing less than self-mutilation. Although, I realize I am OCD/ADD and this habit is a byproduct of both disorders. Ironically, we have been discussing "old wounds," emotional wounds that I need to deal with. I am hoping that awareness is the key to stop this insanity.

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