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Vicky , 30 Jan 2012

Chewing skin on/ around fingertips

This site amazed me and I have read many reports of skin chewing and find it interesting to talk about and just wondered if any of you have like the exact same finger chewing habits as I do? When I was younger (12-17) it was worse. It started with biting the CUTICLES as sometimes there was a plump bit of skin at either side of my nails and I found it chewy then it turned into ripping it off which would tear more of the skin down my finger or across ways so that I was eventually peeling LAYERS off my fingerprint area like an onion. The layers underneath had like, no fingerprint. I couldn't stop myself even when it bled and hurt! Whenever I had a bath or shower or did the dishes, I noticed that the skin on my fingers became more plump and was even more irresistible to bite after it was wet! I was always rubbing my fingers together or across my lips to feel the rough bits to feel where to bite next. Eventually I found a more efficient method (crazy) that didn't tear as much, I would use nail clippers to clip the skin of the cuticles off and chew it. At one point I even started doing the same with my toes, and when I was no longer flexible enough to lift my feet to my mouth I used the nail clippers. When I chewed the skin it was always between the front teeth or maybe canines, and I would end up swallowing it afterwards. I did get some infections from this. It is weird because I have never ever bitten my nails, just the skin. I am 21 now and I don't do this much any more, though I have no clear memory of when or how I managed to stop. I think it was because I developed a different habit instead, which I have posted about in another thread. People at school were disgusted. I like talking about the details of these habits because it makes me feel not alone and assured that we are definitely talking about the same thing.
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February 14, 2012
Wow I too rub my fingers across my lips to see if it feels rough so I can take the skin off! I also use a nail clipper to take the skin off as it's much easier than picking the skin as I have no nails. I take all the skin off of my fingers across and around them ..I really want to stop however struggling to find a way to overcome this :/

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