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ZipTie , 06 Feb 2012

New to the Site, Not new to Picking...

I'm new to this site. I just looked up 'Skin Picking' on Google cause I was curious about this thing that I've been doing for a while. I used to pick at my feet. But it was mainly cause of the Plantars Wart that I had. It was on the ball of my foot and it would sit in the bathroom or on my bed for hours with tweezers and sometimes cuticle clippers and just go to town. I've had Athlete's Foot before too. Same thing. I'd tear the skin back until I either got stiff and uncomfortable in the position i was sitting in or until the pain got too much to handle. I was finally able to get rid of both the wart and the athlete's foot. I was good for a while and then the lip picking started (again), and I was bit by something on my arm. I wanna say I was bit a few months ago (we are in Feb now). I scratched and scratched until what used to be something small, is now about the size of a quarter. But now not only is it one spot, now it's two spots. Two quarter size spots on my left forearm. Right on top of my newest tattoo. I pick when I'm watching TV or talking to someone. But the worst part is when it's trying to heal and it ITCHES!!! That's the worst for me. I try really hard not to itch it, so I'll lightly touch it which makes it itch more. From lightly scratching it comes REALLY scratching it to the point where it just feels so good I can't stop. And once I do stop it's like I ripped a huge chunk of skin off my arm and I'm bleeding every where. I tried explaining to my mom what was going on; she really didn't seem to understand. For a while there I didn't touch it; mainly cause it was swollen from all my itching and scratching and I had thought it was going to [finally] go away. After the swelling went down, I picked right back up again. Neosporin works but it takes too long. I wish there was something I could put on it, rub it in, place a band aid over it and over night it would heal up to where there was maybe just a scar instead of a hardened piece of scabby skin. I even came up with 2 different stories as to how I got this "wound". Both of them not true, but telling someone "I was bit by something and then couldn't leave it alone. It just got bigger and bigger and now I can't stop" just isn't an option. On top of that, I've been itchy all over my body for the last few days. Mom says it's anxiety. But who knows at this point. My neck itches, the back of my biceps, my calves, stomach, back, even my armpits somethings... just about everywhere. I have scratch marks up my neck and on my stomach. Looks like I got into it with a cat and the cat won. I just can't stop itching! It feels so good at the time, but it never seems to go away. I've been a picker/cutter for a lot of my life. Back in high school I used to take tweezers and cuticle clippers to my shins and just peel the skin away. It looked pretty horrible, but at the time it was like a release and felt amazing. I didn't know that there was a name for this thing I've been doing for so long. I just thought it was another thing that made me strange, something I've never told anyone..Ever! I tried to self medicate by trimming my nails so short so I wouldn't be able to pick, but I always found a way around that. I pick my scabs, and peel away skin between my toes when I have Athletes Foot, cut skin away from the Plantar's Wart, rip skin off my lips and then nibble and suck on them after until they are swollen and look like cold sores and I itch constantly AND I pick at my face when I have pimples. My face would look so much better if I just left it alone. A friend of mine told me about what she calls the "Johnny Appleseed Condition"; basically when something that is supposed to be smooth (i.e. your face/skin) isn't so you try as hard as you can to make it smooth no matter how much it hurts or makes it look worse. She says she has it, but it's no where near as bad as me. It's really embarrassing especially when I meet someone for the first time or I spend the night somewhere. The only thing I have that I have been using is Clear Anti-Itch Lotion. It kind of smells like Vicks and it works but I have to use it every time I feel like I have to itch. I thought I was doing so well there for a while, but now I'm back to scratching and picking it whether the scab is hard or brand new. I need to stop before my entire arm is peeled off ... =(

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