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fingersflytoface , 07 Feb 2012

digging at face and eyelids

Not a day goes by that my fingers aren't on my face, usually this happens on multiple occasions a day. I use my nails to dig into my skin. Even if it gets really painful I can't seem to stop myself, I just keep digging and digging. I'm in my young twenties and I have ridiculous amount of scarring from my actions but lately the digging isn't enough. I have resorted to rubbing my eyelids practically raw. All of these actions are not done purposefully; I don't even know I have been digging at my skin until i feel the blood on my fingers. HECK! Even between writing these sentences my fingers are digging at my face! Now that I know what I am doing I'm so frustrated with myself! I guess all I can do is try to be aware of it and keep my hands busy.

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