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PeaceAtLast , 08 Feb 2012


Hello I'm 36 yrs old and have finally found the only treatment that has allowed me to stop picking for more than just a few days in over 20 years of suffering. I've tried so many different things...medication, gloves, hats, ointments, therapists, exercising, EVERYTHING. I found a Groupon a few months back for hypnosis therapy. I bought 3 sessions and still have a 4th that I know I will never need. The therapist I saw never even worked with a patient before that picked his skin. Nonetheless, the therapy worked and my urges are controllable! However, I think there is a big catch - you have to whole-heartedly believe you will be cured by hypnosis. I believe our minds are the most powerful medicine we have. Even if hypnosis acts like a placebo, there are too many studies that have shown giving someone a placebo actually helps to cure them. But, the trick lays in how to convince yourself that hypnosis will work. I will reveal all of my secrets on how I did this over the next few days and weeks. But first, I want to know how many other people mastered this technique too. Chime in if you are successful in beating this hypnosis.
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February 09, 2012
First...congratulations on overcoming this...i would give anything to never think about or be ashamed of this again...i am very interested to know anything u can tell us about the hypnosis sessions...i've always thought it would be difficult to beput under, so i'm curious about the actual method and also, who performed it....thx!
February 11, 2012
Hypnosis really does work.. I quit smoking with it a few years ago. There's no doubt it could help someone suffering from Dermatillomania. There's a lot of good info on Check it out sometime!

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