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lifeisbeautiful , 09 Feb 2012

Boot Camp for the Mind - Are you ready to quit?

Hi everyone! I've been skin picking for 25 years and I'm ready to quit! I mostly pick at night after I've washed my face. I came up with an idea - Boot Camp for the Mind. My plan is to do a 12-15 minute hypnotherapy session every night before washing my face. This helps me to relax. (Anxiety and picking go together) When I am in front of the mirror I will stay focused and not allow my mind to go into my inner fantasy world, which always leads me to zone out and start picking. That is the hard part. Breaking a 25-year habit is no easy task, but it is possible! I'm looking for a support buddy who is also serious about quitting and will experiment with me. We can keep each other updated on our progress via email. Are you up for the challenge?!
2 Answers
February 15, 2012
hi, i'm up for that...i've only recently realised that what i was doing to my skin was compulsive ,i'm not sure how i missed it. i think talking with someone about it and keeping in check would be helpful. i don't really know how hypnotherapy works so if you could tell me more about it , that would be great
February 21, 2012
I'm down for that! I'm 27, been picking for 10 years. been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, ocd, and anxiety and am medicated by my psychiatrist. He knows about the picking and recently started yet another medication to help ease it or take the edge off, but it's such a habit and I do it so often without even realizing that its hard to tell if it's working or not. I have many LARGE tattoos to cover scars that i've created over the years. It all started when i was 17 and took the plunge to the dark side and started using hard drugs. became an IV heroin user and would sit in front of the mirror for hours and pick at any part of my body. Thought maybe after I cleaned up it would stop. Spent about 4 years on drugs, now I have been clean and sober of EVERYTHING -sans cigarettes- for 6 years. I have a professional career and am a single mom to the most amazing kid ever. Life on the outside looking in looks perfect. But no matter how good things are in life, I find myself every day, several times a day, in front of my mirror picking the ever loving shit out of my skin. Face, neck, hair line, back, arms, chest, pubic area, inner thighs....I just can't stop. i've tried working a 12 step program about it, I pray about it, I meditate about it, I have been on multiple prescription drugs for it, i've tried using physical activity to break the habit, I've removed mirrors from my house, i've gotten acrylic nails put on, I've tried everything it seems and nothing has worked. I have good days here and there, but I always regress.....

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