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tonnora , 12 Feb 2012

I thought it was only me

just as the title says i really thought i was the only one who picked at my skin, i'm 18yr old female and i have been picking since probably 13 for sure, but i could have started earlier. I pick my bottom lip skin off probably every other day, if i try i can get it completely healed but the second there's a little bit of skin coming off i remove the entire lip. recently (last year or so) i have started at my face, when ever there's a small pimple of scrape i destroy them until they turn into sores, and i would like to stop, because its embarrassing telling people that i fall a lot or walk into things to explain big scrapes on my face. I really didn't think it was a big deal but it's becoming more than a bad habit, i don't know why i do it i just do any advice or even just more information would be greatly appreciated :) side note, i also pick other peoples skin if they let me, my best friend had a skin problem that would cause small sores on her back akin to pimples which she treated with medication, and i used to remove them from her back whenever i saw them coming up,which i probably enjoyed way more than i should have, and when people have shin just hanging from their lips (like my brother all the time!) it drives me nuts. i want to stop, but i don't know how

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