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megan99 , 13 Feb 2012

Picking at skin to get to hairs

Hi im a 27 year old female who is addicted to biting the hairs out of her fingers. Been doing it for years only realised now how bad its gotten. I bite that much one of my front teeth has started to ware down only slightly but noticable. I also have little scars all over my fingers were i bite and pick at the skin to get to hairs. I only use to do it when i was stressed but now its when im stressed, bored, nervous, when i read, watch telly and have a conversation with people so all day really. My teeth ache with the constant griding trying to get the little, almost invisable hair. Anybody else with this problem or even a ex hair biting addict, would love some advice. Thanks.
1 Answer
December 23, 2012
Hi, I'm so glad someone else understands what I'm going through. I do exactly the same as you nearly all the time and it has left one side of my jaw in constant pain. I've tried to stop it but I always find myself biting my finger hairs, it's so damn frustrating! Paige

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