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loserno1 , 16 Feb 2012

caant stop

i am CRAZY, i hate how my body looks after i have skin-picked, it makes me very depressed since im so ugly anyway ,BUT STILL i do it OVER AND OVER, over and over, over and over, this is what i do: *biting on my thumb until im bleeding,constantly ripping of skin on it with my fingers,CONSTANTLY(right now as well) * squeezing out blackheads on my chest with my nails that have appeard because of my constant touching on my chest, my chest after the abuse looks horrible, red and irritated and red spots all over my chest, * doing the same thing on my back,causing infections, and once i got eczema all over my body *scratching on my scalp i think i do it because i hate how i look, it makes me depressed, and skinpicking gives me satisfaction while im doing it, like a drug or something, and i suffer from PTSD, and if i wouldnt skin-pick i would get horrible panic attacks, that i fear most of all in this world, the skin-picking is distracting my mind from those attacks, believe it or not,but it does. what do you people think i should do?
2 Answers
February 17, 2012
i'm 16 and i've been picking and biting the skin around my fingers (mainly thumbs) for about 10 years. it started off as anxiety because i was bullied for most of the start of my life, but now it's just become a really bad habit that even strong will can't sort out. a really good way to help you stop is to put this varnish that tastes really bad on your fingers. it's usually used to stop nail biting but it helps with the skin as well. it leaves a really awful taste in your mouth, it kind of tastes toxic. the problem is it comes off your fingers and onto your food when you're eating, but in a way that's a good thing because it means you want to stop so you don't have to use the varnish anymore. you can also try wearing plasters and gloves; gloves make you get loads of fluff in your mouth when you start biting and that can remind you that you need to stop it. that's the only thing i can give you advice for, i don't know how to help you stop with your chest or back but i really hope you can get help with it! tam x
February 18, 2012
skin picking has never been a huge problem for me but i did hav e bad habbit in elementery school. i always pick dead skin from my fingers. one time i will never forget when i ripped a whole layer of skin of my finger. But I know the fealing of anxiety to do it. I heard once a way to stop any habbit is to do something after you pick skin like snap after every time you do it. Studies show it actually helps. r like write your name 5 times if you do it. good luck though :)

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