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littlegrey1 , 19 Feb 2012

Picking till your shaking?

I pick till I'm shaking. It's like I get some sort of adrenaline rush when I'm picking. Especially trance-picking. I feel like my heart rate goes up and my hands start to shake. It's strange. Anyone else?
1 Answer
February 21, 2012
oh yeah definitely. I get that. I also get a weird reaction other places on my body. My skin starts to look splotchy and weird (even when Im not touching it). I always assumed the shaking was adrenaline and an endorphin high, and also strained muscles from the repetitive motion. The splotchy-ness having something to do with blood rushing to one area, or some lymph reaction. But those are all guesses, I haven't ever looked it up fully. I shake too though.

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