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cherrycolalola , 25 Feb 2012

is anyone else a serial procrastinator?

I get incredibly stagnant for long periods of time. I can't focus on things and I'm afraid to get involved too deeply in anything bc I'm afraid I won't be able to handle all the energy that comes from keeping life moving. When Im dealing with a lot of things at once picking is my fall back stress reliever. I wan't to change this, but don't know how yet while still maintaining balance. Its like taking care of myself goes out the window (and all the practice it takes) as soon as real life comes in. I can't have recovery in a bubble, yet Im too weak to take real steps. How do I generate the will? I guess I'm thinking out loud. I just wonder if many of the pickers on here have procrastination issues. I've beaten it before once. It was also a time when I was healing from picking, then life came in and I ruined what I had been building. Idk how to keep this from happening. suggestions?
3 Answers
February 27, 2012
Oh my gosh I am the same exact way. I procrastinate to that it's almost emotionally exhausting. Also, picking does have a lot to do with it, because I will sit there for an hour and pick and not even realize it. However, even if I'm not picking, it takes me forever to get going--if I ever even get going. How did you beat this one before? I would love to take the first step..
March 10, 2012
Oh my gosh...YES. I pick the most when I have things that I know I need to do that I don't want to start and/or don't really know how to start. I can waste hours picking instead of doing what I should be doing!
March 12, 2012
The busier I am the less I pick. I think its when your at home or alone you can stray and instead of getting thing done its easier and comforting to pick. The "trance" state must be some form of escapism so that you don't have to worry about the stresses in your life or sometimes just the picking itself is stressful.

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