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stresskitty , 25 Feb 2012

No Longer On My Own

I know every post I've read is saying this...but I can't believe I'm not the only one going through this. I had no idea there were others like me! I don't speak to anyone about my skin picking because it feels so embarrassing, but today I have found this site and I've ordered a book and I hope this is the start of recovery for me. I started skin picking at 15 and I'm now 27. I know it's entirely to do with stress, and it's taken over my life. I pick at acne on my face, arms, anywhere I can and now my face is such a mess. I cover it up with make up but now it's becoming impossible. I know people must look at me and wonder why I have such bad skin and the crazy thing is that I really want to have perfect skin, so it's hard to understand what makes me do it! I can't look people in the face because I don't want them to see me close up. On bad days I don't want to even step outside so I am just punishing myself with this. Holidays are always a problem because I know that going in a swimming pool or in the sea means no make up, and my scarred face will be uncovered. I've become good at covering it up, but it's not how I want to live my life! Stress just takes over and I feel out of control when I pick at the skin. My mum just thinks I have a problem with acne but I know I'm causing it myself with all the picking. So I'm hoping now to understand why I do it, and how to stop these urges. I know I could be so much happier if I could stop the self harm.

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