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Arati , 26 Feb 2012

new coaching program to stop picking

I used to pick my skin too. Now I'm offering a new phone coaching program to help you stop or greatly reduce your picking, and to help you feel better than you ever have in your life :-) Please read the description here and then contact me for a free 45-minute phone consultation: Changing our habits, breaking the vicious cycle of a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), like skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting or lip chewing, takes energy. Just as easy as it is to keep doing a habit (so easy it’s often automatic), it is equally as difficult to break. That is why support is essential. Loved ones try to help but usually really don’t know how to be supportive. I have been there and I can help you. In my program for stopping body-focused repetitive behaviors, you’ll benefit from my personal experience learning how to stop my BFRB (after doing it for more than two decades!), my decade-plus experience as an educator, my training and experience as a holistic health counselor and my knowledge of the scientific research in the field. In addition, you’ll benefit from unique tools and perspectives from my training and experience as a Brain Gym instructor/consultant and a yoga teacher. Having a BFRB can make you feel like a hopeless prisoner to your own seemingly uncontrollable behavior. But there is hope, and if you look upon it as a journey, you will begin to appreciate the gift it is giving you - a unique opportunity for growth. In keeping with the metaphor of growing a newer, freer self, here are the basic components of my program: 1) Cultivating a healthy physical foundation. Your BFRB may be greatly affected by your diet and exercise habits. 2) Cultivating awareness. Becoming aware of our triggers and when we do our BFRB is key to designing effective strategies for overcoming them. And only with awareness are we able to make the choice to NOT do a habitual behavior. 3) Cultivating the use of strategies that block us from doing our BFRB. There are specific strategies that help, no matter what your BFRB. 4) Cultivating relaxation and grounding. Most of us do our BFRB more when we are anxious, stressed, and mentally scattered. This is another key component of the program and also helps us increase our awareness. 5) Cultivating acceptance and toleration of discomfort. Although we are learning ways to feel calmer and happier, we will never remove stress 100%, so we must gradually learn to accept and tolerate negative emotions and sensations without doing our BFRB that we have relied on to provide relief. 6) Cultivating proper thinking and proper valuing of our thoughts. We can learn to recognize and revise our negative thought patterns, and also to avoid placing undue value upon them. 7) Cultivating persistence, self-love and gentleness. The process takes time and you will most likely experience setbacks, yet when you learn to simply “get back on the horse” without beating yourself up, you will ultimately be successful! I offer two basic programs: 1) A weekly 3 month program, with option to renew on a monthly basis after the initial three months 2) A twice-per-month 6 month program Each program consists of 45-minute coaching sessions, by phone or video skype (your choice). It also includes notes after each session, emailed to you the following day with your current recommendations decided on during the session. The emails will also include handouts on the topics we discuss during the coaching session. You will also have free access to videos demonstrating specialized techniques. Please contact me for a free 45-minute consultation to see whether my coaching program will be right for you.
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February 26, 2012
Wow, this thing doesn't take spaces. Better to read it on my website at
March 13, 2012
Everyone should definitely check her out! I did my consultation and talked to my mom and i am so ecstatic to start the program. I think its really important to talk to loved ones and be on this site but it is MORE important to get help from someone who has actually combatted this and knows what it's like! you all should do the free consultation! :)

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