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Krista , 27 Feb 2012

starting over again

This is my first post. Today was day 4 of no picking until I had a strong urge to do so after my shower tonight. Kids were in bed, and husband is deployed to Afghanistan. I felt so angry with myself the entire time I was doing it, yet I couldn't bring myself to stop. It is the worst feeling ever to see what Ive done to my face and neck. It's like a battlefield took place on my face!! Tomorrow is going to be day 1, again.
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February 27, 2012
Know the feeling, spent the whole weekend being good and then last night I picked for like 2 hours and I'm so angry at myself! Why is it that u can so desperately want to stop as youre actually doing it but can't seem to muster the strength to stop yourself! Now I'm going to work with this horrible mess on my face that not even make up will cover :( So I'm with ya sister! Tomorrow is day one!

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