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Butterfly56 , 27 Feb 2012

Trick to stop picking that works for me

Ive never heard of this trick before but it actually worked for me. RIPPING PAPER!!! One time I was writing things for my boyfriend and I didn't want my mom to see the stuff I wasnt going to give him so I ripped it up. It was such a stress relief. I couldn't believe it. I got kinda the same sensation that I do from picking. I mean it didnt stop the picking completely for me but it definitely helps a lot. You can do it as often as you like. Anyways I hope this trick helps you guys!!!!!
2 Answers
February 28, 2012
That sounds like an interesting take on an alternative, but for me it's not about the feeling I get when I pick, it's more about how it feels to rip skin/scab from skin ... it sounds gross but true. Thanks for the option though =)
March 03, 2012

In reply to by ZipTie

I agree with you lol it is weird, because i feel that way to, but ya, but for me the paper is a waste of paper and wood. But heck if it works for you do it. But yes picking does have a greater effect and feeling of skin and skin sensation. I'm a freak but I'm trying to recover.

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