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LucyZimmerman , 27 Feb 2012


I've been picking my face and chest --especially around my breasts-- for the past ten years, and it's becoming increasingly worse as time passes. I tell myself on a daily basis to stop, but I just cannot do it. It's beginning to get to a point where I put myself in danger just to be able to pick. If I feel something on my face, or look down and see a blemish on my chest, I can't control the urge to pick it--even when I am driving. I've swerved off the road, and at times have even pulled over for a half hour and picked because the sunlight make so many blemishes more obvious. I have been bringing small knives and tweezers everywhere with me, just in case I see something. My chest is the worst and most embarrassing. I have a sort of ritual each time I pick, and have over a dozen disgusting scars in obvious places, some of them have become literal holes. I'm 28 and have been treated for depression and whatever else doctors have said I was after one hour of talking to them. However, I cannot bring myself to tell anyone the level of severity this has gotten to. I just want to be able to control it and live my life normally. Help!!
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February 28, 2012
k so i get where you are coming from. ive had a picking problem for like 5 years? im 21. ok so anyway i have found that it is important to be aware of allo of your other problems bc they canmake the picking worse.that is picking is a way to cope with them. -u said above that youve depression for instance i do also and when i get sad -i pick. the same with anxiety. ive picked my chest , legs arms face back even my pubic area it seriously is -or can be and in my experience is a part of mental health that is when imin good mental health its much less severe and when in bad health my picking gets a lot worse. its something i have to deal with everyday. and the scares sre just depressingly devastating and cause me to feel shame. also get rid of your tools-tweezers etc.. also, telling your doctor or anybody- admiting to someone else that youve a problem helps it like grounds the reality of the situation into the floor of your mind so to speak. i used to have trouble speaking about it too. it was as if i didnt say anything MAYBE no one would notice , its like "yeah ok self". no its noticable and you cannot avoid it and heal.goodluck

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