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ZipTie , 28 Feb 2012

Stronger than Neosporin?

Anyone know of anything that is stronger than Neosporin? Something that works faster? Neosporin doesn't do shit for my scabs/cuts/pick sites... I need something stronger. Any ideas?
1 Answer
February 29, 2012
Hi there! I recently started using calomine lotion... It's really been helping to quickly heal a couple of big, open lesions that I have on my face currently and it's also supposed to help prevent and or minimize scarring. So far I'm seeing great results and I've also been using it as a mask so it's been helping to prevent any new acne from popping up on my face. PS - It's the same stuff used for chicken pox so it helps with itching as well so you don't feel the urge to scratch at a healing wound or pimple. I hope this helps!

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