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iheartink , 29 Feb 2012


i have my first appoiontment at the womans health center for my check up on monday. I'm so scared. All of my current doctors know about my skin picking but now i have to explain it to someone new. The spots on my noobs have healed all but one so i'm not worried about that, but when it comes to thes rest i'm just terrified. I know they aren't there to judge but i just feel sick that i have to deal with someone new!
3 Answers
February 29, 2012
That's definetly gotta be nerve racking! Out of curiosity.. have you actually gone to a doctor for your picking? I went to my gp a while back now for some infections I had (caused by my picking) he gave me some tablets for that, but he told me to go back in 3 weeks time cause he wanted to have a 'serious sit down talk ' he looked at my arms, face ect and then he took a look at my back and he was in shock. 5 months later. .I still havnt gone back I'm very comfortable around him his been my gp since I was born so 17years now. But I'm just way to embarrassed to go back. But I really hope it goes well for you because they are there to help not judge.. I think its more the way we perceive ourselves and we think EVERYONE is going to judge us by a compulsion we have.
February 29, 2012

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i go to a shrink and she just recently diagnosed me with OCD. I was on luvox cr for awhile but was taken off cause i couldn't pay for it. But now i've started it again so i'm hoping when the dose is right i'll be a little better

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