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sbf12 , 29 Feb 2012

Getting Married and I'm extremely addicted to picking- HELP!

I have been picking at my body ever since I can remember- my face, back, nail follicles, split ends, scalp.... you name it.... I've probably destroyed it with my picking before. I'm getting married in a few months, and my fiance has known about me and my picking. I have no idea where to even start in fixing this problem. I am terrified of having a gaping hole in my cheek or where ever on my body on my wedding day from picking. It's such a shaming habit yet it takes up a great deal of my life. I have no idea where to even start with this, so any advice on what to do at all, would be amazing. Thanks.
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February 29, 2012
I totallly understand the way you feel. When I was married, 6 years ago, I had the exact same concerns. It was my biggest fear to spend my wedding day worried about my face and the damage I had done to it. One thing that really helped calm both my nerves and assisted in curbing my urge to pick was meditation and yoga. Additionally, for the entire month prior to our wedding, I did not pick. Yes, it took some serious willpower!!! That way, I KNEW that my face would not be destroyed. Another item that helped was the fact that wedding planning time is busy. You simply won't have many opportunities to pick. I wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful wedding day. You will be gorgeous! :)
March 01, 2012

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Thank you so much. I think taking up yoga and doing meditation is a wonderful idea, it might be something to help end this habit for good! I find I do most of my picking when I am the most stressed, so I think that decreasing my stress might be a better start then trying to directly solve the problem right on. Thanks again so much!
March 02, 2012

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You're on the right track! Yoga and meditation have been very important in me stopping my picking. There is so much more I have learned along the way that helps, and support is one. I'm starting a new phone coaching program for women with skin picking and related behaviors. Since I'm new it will be very reasonably priced, and I am offering a complimentary initial consultation. To see an overview of the program please go to .
March 03, 2012
sbf12... If you need any support prior to your wedding day, I would be more than happy to help. I have been there and understand the anxiety that you feel. But, one thing that I do know is that you can beat this and have an amazing wedding day!!! :)

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