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Lara Coimbra , 01 Mar 2012

Conection between skin picking & GAD

Hi all, I'm Lara, 18, and this is first time in 2 years I post in the forum again. I can say that I'm surprised to see so many people in here now. This means our cause is having more importance in medicine and around the world. I have ADD, GAD and I'm a skin picker since 12. I believe all this disorders I have are conected and the mix of them plus the way my family deals with it just make everything worse and makes me continue picking; mainly GAD (generalised anxiety disorder). I think the main triggers are my family and the school stress...Well, I can't avoid the school stress 'cause I'll sure spend one more year studying hard, 'cause I'm finishing highschool and here in Brazil we do a 3 day test and depending on your points you go to a better or worse university. So, how can make my family to cope with me? My mom is a family doctor and still don't accept my problems easily, my dad is the most ignorant and primitive person you will ever know and my brother has fun mocking me and humiliating me all the time. Any thoughs you would like to share?
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